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Enter the IMAGINARIUM a place created to stimulate your mind’s third eye.
A sexy circus of thrills with sights and sounds that boggle the mind and stimulate the imagination. Seek and you shall find inside the Imaginarium. Let your senses explore and allow the beautiful and the impossible to become reality as you dance into bliss.
Your heart’s desire will be clear as you embrace your every fear.
Come dream and dance into your fate
So just make sure you save the date!
A circus! A Visual Candy Show! A Live Art Experience! A Spiritual, Sensual, and Emotional Awakening! A Fateful Storyline! BEFORE, NOW AND LATER IN ONE PLACE!!!
MindGazm (TRAX, Symphonic)
BigAppleBoys (Deep Playa Ride)
Petra Petrovich(Rapture)
Pierre Zet (Techno Mansion, SOS)
Visuals by HKey
You are the show!!! So don’t forget your sexy suit!!!
Special GIFT to anyone with a sexy costume!!!
Every Ticket sold will have a donation to the LGBTQ homeless outreach program at the Bowery Shelter www.bowery.org

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