Hours of Operation

Generally, We are open from 10 pm to 4 am. However these hours may vary on special occasions.



21+ Valid photo identification is required for entry. Passport / State ID / Drivers license (Though photocopies are not accepted as valid I.D)



We take the safety of our customers and staff as a top priority. Because we have ZERO TOLERANCE for harassment and/or violence of any kind towards customers or staff. If you encounter any issues, or simply have a question, please report it immediately to any bar staff or security, all of which are trained to handle issues properly.



Vaccines are encouraged but not required.



We prohibit Smoking or vaping inside the venue and we strictly enforce the rule. However we do provide a designated outdoor smoking area.



Small Purses and Small Backpacks – All bags are subject to a security search/ Prescription medication must have your name printed and must match your ID / Dancing shoes / Good Vibes / ( Generally large bags must be left with coatcheck )


Not Permitted

ZERO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY / Lasers / Glassware / Refillable cups / Camelbacks / Outside Food / Drinks / Non-Prescription Substances / Noise Makers / Bad Vibes / Climbing



Exit and re-entry is not allowed. However we do provide a designated outdoor smoking area.



Street parking is available nearby. Additionally, there is garage parking at 84 14th street. ( Business not associated with the venue).


Coat Check

Coat check is available in Late Fall, Winter, And Early Spring. 1 item per hanger, bags accepted. We suggest taking a photo of your ticket as a backup in the event of a lost ticket. Also (Please dont put anything on or in the speakers…. They dont like that.)


Lost & Found

Lost – Please send us a detailed description to [email protected] with the subject line “Lost Item”. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. You may retrieve your belongings between 8PM – 8:45PM on Friday or Saturday. We will hold Items for 2 weeks.

Found – If you find an item please deliver it to coat check. Also thank you for your honesty 🙂


If there is concern that is not addressed on this page please contact us at [email protected]