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Ball of the Gods

Did you ever want to be a goddess or a god. Well this is your chance !!! Bring your best god and goddess suit and bring your super powers. In the garden of earthly delight we shall dance until we can dance no more. This burlesqueapade is a voyage of sensuality that will tickle your senses, so leave you doubts at home as you enter, the Garden of Earthly Delights. The LED Circus will be your guiding light through out the night, with performances in several staged areas. Let your inner self out and loose your self to dance as you find out if you are made of earth or haven.


Izhevski (All Day I Dream)

MindGazm(TRAX, Symphonic)

Medici b2b odann



Every Ticket sold will have a donation to the LGBTQ homeless outreach program at the Bowery Shelter www.bowery.org

JOIN THE LED CIRCUS – Join our troupe of performers and jump on stage to show your moves. There will be performances through out the night, but you can join the circus and jump on stage to show your best. Anyone interested can sign up by reaching out to Mr. Right and Mr. Secret @ [email protected].

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