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Mathame is an audio project formed of Italian brothers Matteo and Amedeo.
These boys learned their craft growing up together in northern Italy and mastered it years later while living in a forest on the slopes of the most active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. This is where they started to work together and develop their unique sound imaginary we hear today. They have been featured on the second Realm of Consciousness compilation and Tale of Us fabric 97 compilation with tracks “Timeshift” and “Lifetime” which have since been regulars in the sets of Tale Of Us with some sought-after, unreleased tracks.
After a magical cercle event and massive gigs including a sold-out Brooklyn Mirage appearance, we can’t wait to hear them on the massive Quantum system.
Supporting set by Art With Me Festival’s Matt Caines.
Matt Caines is a creative producer, extending his roots through music, experiential and environmental design. A New York native, he has performed and produced events internationally, creating a haptic and participatory space that moves people, causes a reaction, instigates change.
Matt’s style is sophisticated and an ever-evolving musical narrative evoking emotion through rhythmic vocals, curated melodic tunes with a timeless musical selection.
Matt Caines continues to explore the power of musical platforms by pushing cultural exchanges of new sounds. With an initiative to connect purpose and place, in 2018, Matt moved to Tulum and where he became the managing partner and a co-founder of Art With Me, Tulum’s first large scale arts & cultural festival. Art With Me was a huge success in attracting local emerging and international artist, celebrating the creative arts, inspiring guests to live their best lives, while giving back to the community.
Join us for a special intimate evening on August 14th, sign up for limited first access to tickets at http://mathame.madeevent.com

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